The Newman Heritage Collection

We have beenresearching, collating and archiving informationabout the history of Newmansince itsfirst opened as a teacher training college50 years ago. Together with Bartley Green History Group and our former students wehave collected old pictures, artefacts andmemories.The heritage project has been set up to assist the University in making copies of its historical materials and make themaccessible to others.

All donated photographs and memorabilia can be found online on the Newman University Alumni Association

With the information we have gathered so far we have collated together an exhibition we would like to share with you. Please take a lookNewman’s heritage exhibition in PDF format:

1968 – 1977

Heritage timeline 68-77

1978 – 1987

Heritage timeline 78-87

1988 – 1997

Heritage timeline 88-97

1998 – 2007

Heritage timeline 98-07

2008 – 2015

Heritage Board 2008-2015

2015 – 2017

Heritage Board 2015 - 2017

Can you help?

  • If you are in contact with former Newman students that please get them toregister their detailswith us so we can talk to them about our heritage project and find out if they have Newman memorabilia.
  • Do you have old documents, old photographs, clothing or items that we can scan, copy and archive?
  • Do you have any information that may support the heritage project?
  • Would you like to be involved in researching the history of Newman?

If you are able to assist thenplease