Every student will have a unique personalised careers experience.

We want to make our students work ready and equip them with effective career management skills, to successfully manage their career over their lifetimes and ultimately get the job or place on a postgraduate course that they want.

Also, we are here to help students and recent graduates on their journey of self-discovery, to broaden their horizons, show them all the wonderful opportunities available and support their transition.

A dedicated team can help with finding part-time work, offer support in searching for work experience placements or volunteering and offer support to gain a graduate job or place on a postgraduate course.

We do this through a variety of exciting activities and initiativesand work with academics and employers to enhance the employability of all of our students, and impact positively in the community.

To access the Careers Service students and graduates can login to their泭硃娶梗硃.

Resources are also available on , where you will find resources on the My Career Pathways pages, Careers Discovery and Resources tabs.

If you would like to speak to someone about Newmans Careers Service please get in touch with us at:釵硃娶梗梗娶莽高紳梗滄鳥硃紳.硃釵.喝域泭


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