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Sport, Physical Activity and Health

Dr Adam Benkwitz

Position:Reader in the Sociology of Sport and Health
Tel:0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2402)


Research interests:

  • Sociological studies of mental health and physical activity.
  • Exploring the stigma of mental health both in sportand through sport.
  • Socio-cultural studies of sport, exercise and health.

Dr Ibrahim Akubat
Position: Senior Lecturer in PESS
Tel:0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2469)

Research interests:

  • Team sports physiology
  • Sports performance
  • Training load monitoring
  • Sports technology and analytics

Dr Mark Holland
Position: Senior Lecturer in PESS
Tel:0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2516)

Research interests:

  • Development and transference of mental skills in youth sports participants
  • Development of mental skills in disadvantaged youth
  • Motivation in sports and exercise
  • Relationship between mental states and physical performance indicators

Prof. Tony Myers
Position:Professor in Quantitative Methods
Tel:0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2385)

Research interests:

  • Bayesian data analysis in sport and health
  • Social influence – on sports fans and officials
  • Combat sport research – psychological or performance based

Mr Russell Peters
Position:Lecturer in Biomechanics
Tel:0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2655)

Research interests:

  • Golf Swing Mechanics
  • Technology and equipment biomechanics
  • Equine Biomechanics

Dr Alex Powell

Position:Senior Lecturer in Sport CoachingTel: 0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2627)

Dr Emma Powell

Position:Senior Lecturer in Education
Tel:0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2303)

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Dr Lorayne Woodfield PhD

Position:Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Sports Studies
Tel:0121 476 1181 (Ext. 2269)

Research interests:

  • Physical activity and health (inspecific populationgroups)
  • Obesity and health-risk behaviours(inspecificpopulationgroups)
  • Physical activity in educational settings


Dr Lorna Dodd
Psychology MSc & SH Programme Leader

Research interests:

  • Health-risk behaviours (in specific population groups)
  • Health promotion
  • Mental Health & Health-risk behaviours

David Haylock BA, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS
Programme Leader: Applications of Psychology

Research interests:

  • Human Factors/Ergonomics/HCI
  • Psychometrics (scale construction & evaluation)
  • Computational Modelling
  • Computer-based recording and analysis of behavioural data
  • Human kinematics
  • Image analysis


Dr. Kate Graham

Research interests

  • Mother-infant interaction in typical and atypical populations (namely maternal anxiety and maternal depression)
  • Theory of Mind and sociability
  • Social versus non-social interactions
  • Emotion based disorders


Mr Chris Higton
Graduate Assistant in Psychology & Counselling

Research interests:

  • Exploring the effects of personal care on health-related quality of life -Functional recovery from stroke -Doctor/patient communication with a special interest in visual impairments -The use of surgical simulation to prevent ‘never events’
  • Addiction cessation


Dr Bill Morgan CPsychol AFBPSs
Clinical Psychologist

Research interests:

•Prejudice and discrimination in mental illness including:

  • Impact of causal model on attitudes and behaviour
  • Mental health education
  • Lived experience of people diagnosed with mental illness


Stella Williams

Research interests:

  • Employability development
  • Lifelong learning
  • Career identity