Birmingham Newman University is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Its objects are the conduct of a Roman Catholic University for the advancement of education, learning and research for the benefit of the public.

The University is self-governing and legally independent but regulated as a public body.

The University Council

The University Council is responsible for determining the educational character and mission of the┬áUniversity and for overseeing┬áits┬áactivities. Its members┬áare also directors of┬áthe Company and Charity Trustees. ░Ň│ˇ▒­╠řBoard of Governors currently meets four times per year.┬áFollow the link for further information about┬áThe University Council.


░Ň│ˇ▒­╠řSenate┬áhas delegated responsibility from the Board of Governors for the development and oversight of the academic work of the University.

University Leadership Team

░Ň│ˇ▒­╠řVice-Chancellor┬áis the Chief Executive, appointed by the University Council, and is responsible for the organisation, direction and management of the University. The University Leadership Team team consists of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students), Chief Financial Officer, University Secretary, Executive Dean of Faculty of Arts, Society & Professional Studies, Executive Dean of Faculty of Education, and the Director of Human Resources.

University Operations Team (UOT) 

The general management of the organisation is steered by the University Operations Team which meets fortnightly to consider the implementation of University strategy and policy.

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